The Team

Here at Beau & Arrow Kids we owe a huge amount of thanks to our fabulous followers on Social Media, we wouldnt have the opportunity to make the clothes we do without them! Over the last year we have had some amazing Brand Reps and Enthusiasts supporting us and help grow the business. At the moment we are collaborating with some little stars in the making and here is a little bit about them (as supplied by their amazing mamas).


The blue eyed boy who can wrap his finger around you with just one little smile, he is the one that is always on the go and that never stops. He is funny, caring and definitely a thrill seeker! I always want him In items he can move easily in. My favourite item to dress roux in is the all in one rompers and of course anything leopard.

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Isobel - is a very beautiful intelligent little two year old. She has the cheekiest smile and the kindest heart. She is incredibly affectionate and loves lots of cuddles. I love to dress her in clothes that she is comfortable in, our favourite is a romper!

Maya - is the youngest of five and always smiling! Born at home surrounded by her siblings and its been that way everyday since. She loves all the attention she gets and will charm you with those little dimples!! I love to dress maya in similar clothes to Isobel but not identical. Our favourite Beau & Arrow Kids items are leggings or a romper right now!

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Music loving three year old who loves nothing more then singing and dancing! Xavi can be a little shy at first but once you get to know him he's very cheeky and loves a good chat. The youngest of 3 boisterous boys Xavi knows how to use his baby status to his advantage and gives the best cuddles! We love clothes that stand out; something out of the ordinary and of course beautifully made.

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Tilly is a little wildling - full of spirit and adventure! She is a beautiful soul with an infectious smile. We love shopping small and putting her in clothes that really show off her personality.

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